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Self-confidence and body positivity are inside us all, you just need to know how to express it.

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Me & My Mission

Over the years, adult photography has become increasingly popular and more mainstream, this is no more so than in the genres of male dudeoir and female boudoir photography.

I am not your standard run of the mill portrait photographer, lots of photographers now claim to be LGBTQ friendly, but far few are genuine enthusiasts in male photography. I'm a gay male photographer who appreciates the male form and understands how to shoot men. I work with clients to put them at their ease and bring out their very best qualities.

In the past, I have done freelance work for; Gaytimes, Attitude and Euroboy, as well as Scotia Pride (Edinburgh Pride).


I’m a self-taught photographer who isn’t constrained by the normal rules of a formal portrait photography. I believe strongly in the concept that "the human body is the best form of art..." – sometimes we simply need someone to help us to express it’.


Unlike the normal classic portrait style of photographs, both men and women are now wanting photographs for differing reasons, for example: online dating profiles, personal confidence boost, a bucket list experience or as a unique gift for a loved one. It can also be for professional reasons, such as; OnlyFans content or a modelling portfolio etc..


Like so many others, I have struggled and still struggle at times with body confidence… When I made the decision to take up photography, I decided to make it my aim, to produce creative images that would embrace and celebrate diversity and body positivity.

I established Bad Rabbit Photography, because I wanted to capture the celebration of the diversity in sexuality, gender identity and the differing naked human form. 

Being a gay male photographer, I knew dudeoir photography was my passion… and that passion is with me, every time I approach a photoshoot and get the chance to help clients explore their photographic vision.

I have heard many reasons for “wanting” to do a dudeoir, body focus or boudoir photoshoot. Now is your time to celebrate, where you are now and also who you are…  Whether you want elegance, sensual, artistic or sexy, suggestive, erotic, or even sexually explicit, you're an adult so the choice of genre is yours. 

I set-out to create something different in terms of adult photography, where everyone feels confident, empowered, and positive in themselves. With the end mission of providing unique, sensual, seductive and artistic images people will want to share, display and cherish.

I can’t wait to meet you and help you achieve your vision. ​

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