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After Dark XXX

The ultimate sharing experience

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This page is specifically designed to showcase my erotic work. IF you found yourself here but want something a little more tame, please take a look at my other offerings on the home page.

 For those who want something  Xtra from their photos

When you're seeking something a little more risqué..?

After Dark photography is becoming one of the most searched for and popular style of photoshoots for couples.


Erotic (after dark) boudoir combines boudoir photography with that for sexual expression, with you deciding what you want to experience and capture as a couple with (almost) no limits.


I shoot art nudes and traditional male and female boudoir too, but most people hire me because they're looking for something more. I create a safe and relaxed environment where you can freely express your desires while I find the best light and angles to capture every moment.

This is not just about the photographs…

It’s about the experience of letting loose and exploring the part of yourself that makes you both feel strong, confident, and truly beautiful in your own skin, and as a couple.


Discover each other through intimate fine art boudoir and erotic photography with an after dark photoshoot.  

Erotica is NOT porn.

Erotica photography really is just boudoir photography, but sexier, intimate, more up close and personal. Although if calling it porn gets you more interested, I won’t argue!

Erotica, like boudoir, is a personal experience. Clients are interested in erotica because they are looking for the same kind of self-empowerment that boudoir clients are looking for, they just find that self-empowerment and self-fulfilment in more explicitly sexual experiences and photos.

Couples Erotica photography is about capturing the personal connection and sexual intimacy between two people...

Is an after dark boudoir session for us..?

A question I hear a lot... I love getting couples in front of my camera and providing them with a sexually intimate photographic experience. Its is Ideal for those who want to have something different/ perhaps you're ticking it off your bucket list, updating an online profile, or maybe you're wanting a diverse and premium collection of images for your OnlyFans page and subscribers....

Each photoshoot is different than the next and all are welcome, no matter your sexual orientation - your photoshoot can be at one of my full equipped studios, or if you prefer, it can be held in the comfort of your own home, a hotel suite or another location you may have access to. 


After Dark Gallery
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