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The best thing about a photograph is that it never changes,
even when the people in it do...

Contemporary and artistic male dudeoir and body studio and location portraits.

BadRabbit photography based in Edinburgh, specialises in all styles of male portrait photography, no matter of age or size, everyone is made welcome.
The one thing my clients have in common is that they want to be made to feel comfortable and photographed by someone who understands the male form
and how to boost and celebrate body positivity. 

My aim is to offer a different experience and style of male photography, which you will not find from other mainstream photographers. No matter whether you are; slim, medium or large build, twink, bear, daddy or a silver fox, everyone one is made welcome...

Photography has never been so liberating and fun...


The art of male nude photography. ​

Art has always been inspired by the naked male body, Bad Rabbit Photography embraces the same inspiration. 


At your session you’re free to wear as much or as little as you want. Clients have remarked that getting naked in front of a camera can be a liberating and positive experience, and the ultimate form of self-expression.

Whether you want soft, elegant, artistic or sexy, suggestive, provocative, or even sexually explicit, semi-nude implied nude or fully naked, you're an adult so the choice of genre is yours.


Dudeoir photography is a growing trend among men of all ages, since the 1920s women have been enjoying boudoir photography, so why should men miss out on all the fun?


Nude does not necessarily have to mean rude..!


Being nude does not have to mean rude, unless you want it to be!

Something for ladies


Bad Rabbit Boudoir Experience 

Boudoir Photography is an intimate, sensual, seductive and artistic experience that brings out and captures the essence of feminine and sexual beauty.

With graceful poses, boudoir portraits in lingerie can be sensual, sexy, seductive, demure and modest. If you do want nude shots, we can make them sexually stylish, suggestive, erotically artistic enough, that you’d be proud to give them as a gift to someone special or keep them as a private memento for yourself.



Two's company...

For those photos you both have always thought about having taken, well here is that opportunity!


Fancy bringing someone along with you? Perhaps your boyfriend, husband, partner or just a close friend? The more the merrier! 


Whether you want to show everyone how great you look together or you just want to keep the photos private and between yourselves, a duo session is always a special and memorable experience. 


What could be sexier and more romantic than capturing your love for each other in photographic form? 

The session is totally private and closed, so you can be as close up and personal as you like, with the images being as sensual, intimate and sexual as you wish.

The session can be at my studio, at your own home or at another location of your choice.

Explore your playful side...

Do you have a playful side?, perhaps a fetish or a kink, enjoy dressing up in leather or lace, or perhaps you want to show off your inner pup?


Then why not enquire about a fetish and kinks photo session, where you can express this side of you...?

With the standard session lasting up to 1.5 hours, it gives you time for multiple changes of outfit, therefore allowing for a more varied collection of photos. 

Rubber, leather, sportswear, jockstraps, pups, lingerie, bondage

and more....



Studio or Location 


I currently hire two professional studios when I require them, these being located in Edinburgh and Glasgow. They are both cosy and intimate spaces, where you can enjoy the privacy and freedom to relax and be yourself…  

They are equipped with various backdrops, natural light, studio lighting, changing and make-up areas. 

Whatever the style of photography you are looking for, the studios offer the versatility for creating stunning photos. 

Location, Location...

Perhaps you are looking for something totally different and wanting to be photographed in a more natural setting, such as your own home, a hotel suite if you are visiting the area, or perhaps even a secluded natural outdoor location.

A location shoot can add a different dimension to the image, making for a more unique experience, and memorable photos.

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