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Body Focus

The naked body has always been sculptured for its artistic beauty - Body Focus (bodyscape) photography is rewarding and is one of the most newest and most appreciated forms of abstract imagery you can have created. 

Body focus photography are an extension to the classic portrait style of photoshoots. It is about creating dramatic, sensual and artistic images with light and shadow, which discreetly focuses on areas of the human form.

The reason for such a photoshoot can mean something different to each client; be it a record of personal fitness achievement in the gym, a boost in body confidence and self-esteem, or just as a personal life experience, with stunning photos you will want to show off to others...

This style of photography is my passion, I like how it captures and celebrates diversity and body positivity, which can be beautifully sensual or whimsical. The images can also seductively alluring and artistically sexually erotic in nature, though keeping that touch of anonymity and mystery to the subject

Everything and more can be photographed, leading you to unbelievable memories.


I received the exact photos I was looking for. They were arty, with a sensual and sexual edge to them, 100% body focus, non-facial. 


(Ross L)

The feeling on anonymity really appealed to me when looking for a nude photoshoot, and this style of image really provided that.

As it is all body shots, you can relax and chat comfortably as you're photographed...


(Casper Z)

I have been working hard to lose weight and tone up - this was a great photoshoot to show off the results. 

The photos are tasteful, artistic and semi-erotic , nothing I'd be ashamed of showing my friends.

(Taylor M)

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