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The Human Body is the Best Form or Art

What is Body Focus (Bodyscape) Photography?

Body Focus (bodyscape) photography is one of the newest and most appreciated and rewarding types of abstract imagery you can have created. 

Body focus photography is an extension to the traditional boudoir images and the new style of male photography known as dudeoir. It is about creating dramatic, sensual photographic art with light and shadow, which discreetly focuses on areas of the human form.

The reason for such a photoshoot can mean something different to each client; be it a record of personal fitness achievement in the gym, a boost in confidence and self-esteem, or just as a personal life experience. 

This photoshoot can be enjoyed both by single clients, as well as couples, and by any gender, creating stunning photographs that you will be proud to own, display or give as a gift. 


If you are looking for a new photographic experience, then this is the photoshoot for you! I can guarantee to make you feel at ease, and make this a relaxing and enjoyable experience for you...

This style of photography is my passion, I like how it captures and celebrates diversity and body positivity, which can be beautifully sensual, or whimsical. The images are also seductively alluring and artistically sexual in nature, though keeping that touch of anonymity and mystery to the subject

The big plus for a lot of people, is that, as the images are non-facial, it takes away the anxiety from having to think about your facial expression, which then allows for conversation to flow between you and photographer, making for a more relaxed atmosphere, which then comes across in the photos. 

Everything and more can be photographed, leading you to unbelievable memories.