The art of male photography

Whether an experience for yourself or with a loved one in mind, men’s boudoir is a great opportunity to celebrate where you’re at in life


What is Dudeoir Photography?

Women have been enjoying boudoir photography since the 1920's, so why should men miss out on all the fun?​


A new phenomenon in male photography, known as 'Dudeoir', is becoming more and more popular with men of all ages. This 'boudoir' style of male photography highlights those amazing features about the male body, which can enhance self-confidence and body positivity.


My dudeoir photoshoots are a mix of portraiture and close up ‘body focus’ photography, allowing my clients a varied collection of images to choose from.


Dudeoir images are classically seen as sensual, provocative teasing and erotically artistic in nature, though nude does not necessarily have to mean rude – however, if you are looking for your photos to have some more bite to them, then I can accommodate this too…


Come Alone Or Bring A Partner

Whether you’re looking for a solo photoshoot or are looking to come with your partner for an intimate couple’s boudoir shoot, my goal is to ensure both comfort and direction to help you make the best of every second of your male boudoir photoshoot.


Is a dudeoir experience for me?

A dudeoir experience can be for any reason; refresh tired online dating profile images, a new bucket list experience, a personal collection of intimate photographs for a loved one or for just for yourself.


Perhaps you are a model in need of a set of professional portfolio images, or you are an OnlyFans creator in need of a collection of content.


There is no reason why you should not have a dudeoir photoshoot experience… you can be assured that your session with me will be relaxed, fun. Whatever your age, build or body type our dudeoir experience is for you, and I promise you will see yourself in an entirely new way!


If there is anything you want us to shoot, don't be shy, we are artists and don't blush easily... All you have to do is ask.


Unique Gift

Just like women who present sexy boudoir portraits of themselves to their partners, discerning men are beginning to do so too. With the realisation that your partner would love to see your sexy portraits as much as you want to see hers, male seductive portraits are proving to be a popular choice. Why not surprise your partner with a gift they will undoubtedly love?


Somethings are meant to be shared...


Twos company and a lot more fun...

What better way to celebrate a relationship or close friendship than having an intimate photoshoot together? An evening at the cinema, or a candlelight meal are a great way to share moments, but will you remember it in a few months’ time?

Personally, I enjoy couple’s sessions; they are some of the more intimate and playful sessions that I offer. Maybe you are ticking off a "bucket list" experience to have those intimate photos that you have both always wanted taken as a couple, perhaps you are purchasing the photoshoot as a surprise gift for your other half, or you are requiring a collaboration collection as OnlyFans content providers....

There is nothing more captivating than two people photographed together, it becomes more intimate when they are wrapped around one another's naked body, flesh against flesh, the sexual connection exposed and captured.

Your session can be held at one of my fully equipped studios, at your own home, or a hotel suite.

The session is open to ALL couples including same sex couples, it is designed around your comfort levels and requirements, and privacy is guaranteed. I provide friendly direction, but also allow you to be as free as you wish with your own ideas and the images can be as sensual, artistic, and suggestive as you like. 

Don’t be shy if you want something a little bit more erotic; foreplay, passionate and sexually intimate, I am very open-minded so you won’t shock me. Sometimes the best photos are those captured out of spontaneity, so let the moment embrace you.

You can come as a couple, or as close friends, and you’re very welcome to bring anyone you like if you are looking for more variety, the more the merrier...

Sessions can be accommodated at the studios in Edinburgh or Glasgow, though I find a lot of clients relax more having the photos taken at their own home, or a hotel suite, by utilising different rooms for a varied collection. For the more adventurous, why not consider a location shoot (indoors or outside)?

Before the photoshoot, we discuss your needs via phone, email or video call and walk you through what you would like from the session.