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Young Adults (18+)

A fresh perspective on male photography. Older teens (young adults) are always looking for new ways to express themselves, capture a moment of transition from teenager to adulthood, or just have a new life experience...


With the new phenomenon of 'Dudeoir' photography, younger men especially now have a genre that they can engage with. Though primarily designed around adult men, aspects of this style of photography have been greatly adopted by young adults when looking to have photos taken of themselves, who see images in men’s lifestyle magazine such; as GQ, Men’s Health and Attitude, or from social media; Instagram, Twitter (X) and TikTok.

A professional male photoshoot that provides an opportunity for young men to express themselves in a safe and professional environment while capturing intimate moments that will last a lifetime. It is also empowering and boosts self-confidence as well as enhances self-esteem.


Totally out of my comfort zone, however, this was the confidence boost I needed after so much hard work at the gym. 


Thank you so very much for the photos, we both enjoyed ourselves and will be telling our friends about you.

Great mix of solo images and of us as a couple, just simply amazing!

(Karl and Liam)

Just starting out on my OF career and this collection will help kick start my premium gallery of images.

You being gay yourself, helped me feel more comfortable with doing the more fetish and risque images.

(William R)

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